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The following documents have been selected for your consideration and interest.  They present a source of valuable information relevant to Training and Education in the field of Heritage conservation.

ICOMOS Training / Formation: Last Bibliographic References / Dernières références bibliographiques
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The Dilemma of Conservation Education
Sharon Cather, GCI Newsletter 15.1 Spring 2000

Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration in Conservation Projects in the UK Based on ICOMOS Guidelines for Education and Training in the Conservation of Monuments, Ensembles and Sites
COTAC Conference on Training in Architectural Conservation -  England 1992

A Global Training Strategy for Cultural Heritage Implementation of the World Heritage Convention, prepared for the World Heritage Committee, November 2000, ICCROM.

ICCROM - Integrated Territorial and Urban Conservation, ITUC, Program - Phase (1994-1998)  Summary Report, Dr Jukka Jokilehto ICCROM, January 1999.

Guidelines for Education and Training In the Conservation of Monuments and Sites
ICOMOS CIF - (1993)

Definition of Cultural Heritage -- References to Documents in History
ICCROM Working Group "Heritage and Society"

Training Strategy in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Sites
Prepared by Dr. Jukka Jokilehto for ICCROM in consultation with UNESCO, the World Heritage Centre and the physical Heritage Division, and ICOMOS, May 1995

Built Heritage Conservation Education,
Edited issue of Built Environment - An International Perspective to Conservation Education, Dr Jukka Jokilehto, July 31, 2006.

A Typology of Curricula for Training of Specialists in Conservation
Paul Philippot, Director of ICCROM 1971-1977

Compte-rendu de la journée d'etude sur la formation
ICOMOs XIIIeme Assemblée Générale - Madrid 2002

Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr Jukka Jokilehto