List of Publications on Training (provided by Jukka Jokilehto):

1972/1982, Guglielmo De Angelis d’Ossat, Guide to the Methodological Study of Monuments and Causes of their Deterioration, ICCROM, Faculty of Architecture University of Rome

1975, ICCROM, Architectural Conservation and Environmental Education; Conservation Architecturale et Education à l’Environment,

1982, ICCROM, International Index on Training in Conservation of Cultural Property

1982, ICCROM, International Meeting of Coordinators of Training in Architectural Conservation; Reunion Internationale des Coordinateurs pour la Formation en Conservation Architecturale; UNESCO-ICCROM-ICOMOS, Rome, 2-4. XII. 1982

1988, ICCROM, International Index of Conservation Research

1989, ICCROM: Development of Post Graduate Training in Architectural and Urban Conservation; L’evolution de la Formation Post-Universitaire en Conservation Architecturale et Urbaine, Volumes I and II; Ferrara, Palazzo Paradiso, 5-6 October 1989

1993, ICOMOS-CIF, Training: Training of Trainers in Architectural and Urban Conservation: An Appraisal, ICOMOS Committee on Training, ICOMOS Scientific Committee 10th General Assembly

1993/1998, Bernard M. Feilden & Jukka Jokilehto, Management Guidelines for World Cultural Heritage Sites, ICCROM

1994, ICCROM, International Directory of Training in Conservation of Cultural Heritage

1995, ICOMOS, Seminar on 20th Century Heritage; Séminaire sur la Patrimoine au XXe Siècle, Working Papers

1995, ICOMOS-CIF, Conservation Training – Needs and Ethics; ICOMOS Training Committee Meeting, Suomenlinna, Helsinki, Finland, 12.-17.6.1995; Seminar Papers edited by Anu Ahoniemi, ICOMOS Finnish National Committee